Membership of the Academy

Membership is open to all qualified members of the Dental Profession, including Dental Surgeons, Dental Technicians/Technologists, Nurses, Hygienists, Therapists and Practice Managers, registered with the General Dental Council.

The Academy has several membership types; Full or Associate for UK residents and an International Membership for those members residing abroad. There are also Corporate, Honorary and Life Memberships. Current membership fees are £500.00 per annum.

Full membership of the Academy is a distinctive honour and is bestowed upon persons who have presented to the Academy and have been validated by their peers and those who have made notable contributions in the field of aesthetic dentistry through education, research or clinical practice.

Joining the Academy

Should you wish to join the Academy, please contact our secretary or forward your contact details to us by email at

Current Academy Members

Please feel free to view the Membership Directory.